All about NeatClip.

What is NeatClip?

NeatClip is the world's easiest way to create instant highlight clips of what happened in the last 90 seconds of a YouTube Live stream. It's free, fast and simple. Oh, and we support every other big streaming site out there as well!

How do I create a clip?

There are two ways to create a clip: You can either enter the livestream URL on our homepage or download our Firefox and Chrome browser extensions for superior flexibility, allowing you to create clips with just one button.

What livestreaming sites do you support?

Besides YouTube Live, we have a whole range of supported sites. See here for a list of all live streaming sites we support. We also allow clipping from any YouTube video.

Do I need to signup?

Signup is completely optional. However, if you would like to have more control over your clips, give them a title, organize them or change the site's theme to dark mode, signing up is recommended. Finally, you can also upload videos directly from your computer or phone to NeatClip and edit them directly on the site.

Can I upload adult content?

In general, no. Gore and violence is not allowed either. There is a button that indicates "mild" nsfw content - use that to mark such content.

What if someone else uploaded my content?

If you think that a video on NeatClip infringes upon any copyright that you own or control, please file a DMCA notification as detailed here.

Is your service down?

You can verify that NeatClip is running on our status page.

Why should I use NeatClip over Twitch Clips?

In comparison to Twitch Clips, NeatClip is totally independent and we keep your clip online at all costs, while Twitch Clips can get deleted for various reasons (e.g. streamer just doesn't like it). Furthermore, we allow you to clip the full 90 seconds instead of only 60 seconds. Finally, we do not require you to have an account and allow you to stay completely anonymous.

Can I create NeatClip replays on my mobile phone?

Sure! Just open NeatClip in your browser on your mobile phone, enter the stream url, and you're good to go!

What are the benefits of using the NeatClip Chrome/Firefox extensions?

In order to clip livestreams and videos at any point in time, we need to somehow get the current time of the video you're watching. This is only possible using our Chrome/Firefox extension. Some services, for example Facebook Live, is also only supported through our extension. In order to get the best experience, we therefore recommend adding it to your browser.

It seems that sometimes it sends information about what livestream I am watching on Facebook or Mixer to your servers. Why is that?

Due to the way Facebook and Mixer livestreams are being broadcast, we need to know in advance what video you are watching. This applies to public, active livestreams only. This information is not analyzed or used for anything else than to prepare our server for a (possible) incoming clipping request for these videos. Finally, all of this data is permanently destroyed within 1 hour as it is not needed anymore.

I still have a question!

You are welcome in our subreddit or directly contact us per email.