For Streamers.

How we help streamers.

Grow your Stream

Every clip on our site gives the viewers a direct source link to your stream. By enabling users to clip interesting highlights from your stream, you can gain valuable subscribers and followers.

Go Viral

NeatClip is built with massive audiences in mind. Your content is ready to go viral, allowing you to gain massive viewership gains.

Allow anyone in your chat to create clips

If you are a YouTube Live streamer, our bot NeatClip Bot will automatically join your chat if your stream has been clipped in the last 7 days. Users can then create clips just by typing !neatclip in your chat. If you want to make the bot leave forever, you can type !disableneatclip.

To allow the bot to post working links to NeatClip, you can mod it. The bot's profile link is

Example of the bot receiving the !neatclip command.

Example of the bot returning a clip 5 seconds later. In the example, the bot is not a moderator, thus it can't post full links.