Create Clips Anywhere.

Create Clips Anywhere.

NeatClip lets you create clips from any YouTube Live Stream.

Tip: Clipping works a lot better using our Chrome ExtensionFirefox Extension, including support for VODs and many more features!

NeatClip is trusted by 260,000+ users and supports all livestreaming sites, including YouTube Live, Twitch and Mixer.

How does it work?

Let's say something awesome just happened on a livestream...

1. Click the button.

Using the Chrome ExtensionFirefox Extension, click the NeatClip button in your browser bar.

2. We fetch the past.

Using magic, we will turn back time and record everything that happened before you clicked the button.

3. Share your clip!

Share the awesome moment with your friends or the whole world!

The simplest way to create clips, for free.

Blazing fast.

The fastest livestream clipper on the web. Built with speed in mind, at all times. Less than 10 seconds from a request to receiving your clip.

Easy and convenient clipping.

One-click clipping. Completely optional signup. No pop-unders or other invasive ads.

Superb quality.

We always fetch the highest available video quality of a livestream. Be it 2160p, 1440p, 1080p or 720p - we fetch it.

Works with any livestreaming or video site.

We support any livestreaming or video site that exists. If it's a video, we will clip it.

Optional cutting.

Cut your clip to create the perfect 90 seconds clip to share with your friends or the entire Internet.

Works on your mobile, too.

To create a clip on your mobile, go to and start clipping.

NeatClip for ChromeFirefox.

Create clips while you browse the web, with just one click.

Create clips while you browse the web, with just one click.

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