Capture every moment.

Capture every moment.

The simplest way for anyone to create 90 seconds replays from YouTube Live.

The simplest way for anyone to create 90 seconds replays from YouTube Live.

Tip: Clipping works a lot better using our Chrome ExtensionFirefox Extension, including support for VODs and many more features!

NeatClip is trusted by 60,000+ users and supports all major livestreaming sites.

The simplest way to create highlight clips, for free.

Blazing fast.

The fastest livestream clipper on the web. Built with speed in mind, at all times. Less than 10 seconds from a request to receiving your clip.

Easy and convenient clipping.

One-click clipping. Completely optional signup. No pop-unders or other invasive ads.

Superb quality.

We always fetch the highest available video quality of a livestream. Be it 2160p, 1440p, 1080p or 720p - we fetch it!

Works with any livestreaming site.

Besides YouTube Live, we support over 30 livestreaming sites - full list here. So we probably support your favorite site too.

Optional cutting.

Cut your clip to create the perfect 90 seconds highlight video to share with your friends or the entire Internet.

Works on your mobile, too.

To create a clip on your mobile, simply open this site and paste the livestream URL in the box on top.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the major livestreaming sites NeatClip supports?

The "big" livestreaming sites we support are: YouTube Live, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Live. We support many more sites, including normal YouTube videos as well. See the full list here.
In comparison to Twitch Clips, NeatClip is totally independent and we keep your clip online at all costs, while Twitch Clips can get deleted for various reasons (e.g. streamer just doesn't like it). Furthermore, we allow you to clip the full 90 seconds instead of only 60 seconds. Finally, we do not require you to have an account and allow you to stay completely anonymous.
Sure! Just open NeatClip in your browser on your mobile phone, enter the stream url, and you're good to go!
In order to clip livestreams and videos at any point in time, we need to somehow get the current time of the video you're watching. This is only possible using our Chrome/Firefox extension. Some services, for example Facebook Live, is also only supported through our extension. In order to get the best experience, we therefore recommend adding it to your browser.
If you are signed up, you can easily manage, edit and delete all your clips in one place. Furthermore, you can upload videos directly from your computer or phone to NeatClip and edit them right on the site. Finally, you can enable our dark mode for watching clips.



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NeatClip for ChromeFirefox.

Create replay clips while you browse the web, with just one click.

Create replay clips while you browse the web, with just one click.

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